After the last wine I've developed a new found curiosity about Trebbiano; pleasing then to find the Bella Ridge example on offer by the glass at the always excellent Bread in Common.

Clear and pale, a sun kissed pear soft from warmth. . . fleshy, simple and direct, there's no shadow, it feels pure with much less bite.

A brilliant wine with some serious air miles behind it. A Christmas lunch blind tasting challenge courtesy of my NY brother in law, needless to say I had no chance. . . An orange tinge, the scent of musk and the taste of skins. . . I thought it might be a grigio from Friulia. . . as the saying goes when you have a hammer everything looks like a nail.

Golden orange, musk and mustard fruit, bruised pear, flint.

Cork. Cellar. Charming.

Shared with family, the contents evaporated at an alarming rate. A delicious wine  with a buzzing, slightly blurred nose; like a warm summer haze. . . Creamy and soft in the mouth - totally disarming, it's deboned, plush, long and impossible to refuse. I thought it had a lemon myrtle finish, but before I could examine my fanciful speculation the bottle was empty. . .

12%. Cork. Approx $A50

Sour cherry and rhubarb with green edges and a nervous disposition. Slippery and fast, a little too fidgety. . .

A modest but super Burgundy. Blood and berries, spice and for a fleeting moment curry leaf. Plump and vibrant with lovely tea leaf tannins. It seems to grow finer with each glass. . .

and an old favourite too. . . a home style thai beef salad but with more mixed salad leaves, tomatoes and cucumber than usual. . .

. . . he was nothing more than a comma on the page of History. It's sad, but that's all you can say about some people. . . Terry Pratchett.

12%. Gamay. Cork. Approx $A50

Light and shadow in equal part; a beautiful nose - spice and berries, blood and flesh. . . pointy with animal shadows. . . a definite yes. Sharp and fast in the mouth, lovely movement and pace. Brisk, playful, worthy.

Yarra Valley. Cork. Approx $A135.

A beautiful wine - pure, seemingly complete and flawless. Strawberry and rhubarb; plush, plump with a hint of steel and stem.

I'm still to try a wine that reaches 99 in my mind, but I can understand why this particular vintage has garnered such numerical praise.

The 2012.

Laurence and Rémi Dufaitre 2016 Beujolias villages Blanc. An interesting nose - peach and nettle, Spring. . . my curiosity only part rewarded. . . flesh and ointment. . . quite chunky and provincial. . .

Honey Badger 'Deborah' 2017. Chenin / Riesling. Cork. Cloudy, musk and skins, toothy wine, glue and toluene nose. . . tart, edgy, sharp finger nail down the black board.

Honey Badger 'Nicholas' 2017. Merlot / Semillon. 11%. Cork.

12.9%. Cork (still, and it's 2016!). Chardonnay. Tarrington Victoria.

A smouldering start, stone fruit, zest and white pepper. . .  zippy. . . acacia. . . much later a curious and hard to ignore note of banana confectionary. . . In the mouth - grapefruit and citrus pith bitterness, essence like power and super sharp acids. Crunch and peanut skin rolled edges. . .