Sap and pine needles, stems, perfume and spice, raspberries. It seems quieter and held. Noticeably unfiltered. Zippy and pert, cola fizz, sarsaparilla and curiously citrus peel. Film and stems in the mouth, it grows prettier and prettier with each sip. Plush and velvet, if anything it's too pretty, where are the shadows. . .

My alternate Instagram note: The William Downie Gippsland from 2014. A relatively quiet but distinct nose, sap and stem, crushed raspberries. Curious to begin, but grows prettier with each glass. Cola and citrus peel begets something plush and alluring. 

Image: A leather wine carrier, I think I'm ready for a house call. . . within a bottle of the 2005 Yarra Valley.

Part two of my soy and pork meal.

First take 10 dried shitake mushrooms and soak in warm water so they can soften.

Then take a a kilogram of boned pork belly, skin on and cut into four large pieces and immerse the pork in boiling water and leave so it can tighten for a few minutes. Remove the meat, discard the water and move on. . .

Collect your spices.

A midweek indulgence. . .

Deep and savoury, black cardamon, meat and hide. Delicate despite the fleshy undertones. . . Sweet edges, petite and once again the sensation of meat and rosewood. Quit delicious and true, very much like the previous bottles I've loved and enjoyed.

Elsewhere (my earlier instagram note): Captivating and yet modest and contained. After all of my meandering, I'm still love with the village and #comtegeorgesdevogüé. Deep and savoury, animal shadows.

A belated second and possibly final look.

A small beauty (contained and intimate) rather than something sublime (inducing awe and worthy of veneration). Deep and earthy, bass, spice and roots. Animal hide. Full and starting to turn, leather and meat, it's still expansive and emphatically dry.

Derwent, Tasmania. 12%. Screwcap. Approx $A65.

Whole bunches picked on a fruit day and a complete harvest moon, large oak barrels (600L) matured under lees.

An excellent wine. Smouldering and struck, yeast, flint, mustard fruit and white pepper. Peach. Stinging, head shaking wine. Super. Nectarine and nectar, edgy and chiselled, but also thick and rich, fleshy - but crucially - slippery and fast. A+

Image: prisoners. .

A small indulgence before the start of the working week. 13%. Cork. Cellar.

Beautiful nose - held, but confident. Nothing excessive or caricatured - complex, nuanced and suave. The fruit - dark cherries - entwined with something deeper and greater. I've scribbled adult. Subtle and refined, but still enough to make me swoon.  Lush, smooth; soft and ready. It's entirely clean, but still feels like it is wrapped in well worn leather. Super wine.

My latest weekend ritual. Warm banana bread. . .

It started a few months ago with a recipe I found in a book - which modestly declared - best ever banana bread - it called for rice and corn flour and when cooked, I found it too gritty.

After some tinkering I think it's much better.


130g raw sugar - processed in thermomix (5seconds turbo) so it becomes a powder. Alternately use same weight of caster sugar.

Bottle 203 of 429. Amphora raised, 12%, Cork, Approx $A55.

I preferred the supine Cabernet. This seems blunted and simple - it's clean and clearly varietal, but there's no sting or pace, no undulation or surprise. Melon and straw, soft with warm baking spices.

50 dozen made. 50% whole bunches. Echunga Vineyard.

Another beautiful label from this small and noteworthy producer. A pretty nose too - primary; mulberries more than raspberry, stems, pepper and a bright sharpness. . . Plump and round in attack - generous - but it's well held. Cola zip, char and spice, with an exclamation mark to conclude. Yes.